J.K. Simmons Talks Jim Gordon Role In 'Justice League' And Beyond

J.K. Simmons is the rare actor who can say he's starred in movies for both Marvel and DC. Or at least, he'll be able to say that once he shoots his role as Commissioner Jim Gordon in Zack Snyder's Justice League. The Spider-Man actor was one of the most recent additions to the superhero film, and now that we know Ben Affleck will be taking Batman into a standalone movie in a few years, Simmons' role has become far more important.

Speaking with DP/30, Simmons talked about the size of his role in Justice League, while also teasing bigger things for Gordon in the future...

“Honestly, I don’t get started on that until June, and my part in the first one is very small. I’m excited to be playing that iconic character in that iconic series; I was trying to think of a different adjective but they’re both iconic. That’s a couple of movies down the road still, I’m focused on what I’m doing now and then another one, and then I’ll worry about how I can honor that character and that franchise.....Really, I’m going into a thing that hopefully will be two, three, four… maybe more movies for me, and my part in the first one is really very small, but obviously we know who the guy is. We know his whole backstory, based on the comic book. So, I’m just gonna finish doing my research."

Simmons added that he's a "big fan" of Zack Snyder and took the gig after Snyder asked him to do it. While he may not have a lot to do now, that Simmons was sought out for Gordon suggests they have definite plans for him down the line.

Justice League opens November 10th 2017.