Jason Statham Will Punch A Mega Shark In 'Meg'

Chances are we'll never get tired of watching Jason Statham punch guys in the face. Let's face it, few are better at it than he is and he has tons of practice. But how about a little something different, like punching a giant shark? THR reports Statham has agreed to star in Meg, the giant shark movie that once had Eli Roth attached to direct.

Behind the camera now is National Treasure's Jon Turteltaub, from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt. Based on the best-selling Steve Alten novel, the story centers on a man's encounter with a prehistoric shark known as a Carcharodon megalodon, or "Meg" for short.  Statham will likely play the story's hero, Jonas Taylor.

So Statham vs. Mega Shark? Done.