Idris Elba And John Ridley Team For Black Power Event Series, 'Guerrilla'

Between The Wire and Luther, Idris Elba and high-quality TV go hand in hand at this point. So anytime he ventures back to his small screen roots is a big deal, especially when he's accompanied by Oscar-winning  12 Years a Slave screenwriter, John Ridley.

Elba will star in Guerrilla, a 6-part event series written, directed, and exec-produced by Ridley, who is riding another wave of success due to American Crime. In what sounds like potentially explosive stuff, the story centers on an activist couple in 1970s London who see their relationship tested after they liberate a political prisoner. After starting a radical underground cell, they begin to target the Black Power Desk, a clandestine counter-intelligence unit formed to suppress black activism.

Showtime has snagged this one, and given the talent on both sides of the camera they might want to start drawing up plans for an Emmy push.