Gary Oldman Eyes Winston Churchill Role In 'Darkest Hour', Sam Rockwell Joins Dark Comedy 'Blue Iguana'

Two guys who totally need to play siblings in a film some day just landed headlining roles: Sam Rockwell and Gary Oldman. Separated at birth, maybe?

Gary Oldman is eyeing the role of British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, the upcoming drama from Pan director, Joe Wright. He'll undoubtedly deliver some eloquent, powerful speeches as Churchill, who made the decision to stand up to the advancing Nazis rather than give in to the pressure to negotiate with Hitler. With Wright, Oldman, and The Theory of Everything screenwriter Anthony McCarten this looks like a potentially Oscar worthy project. Stay tuned. [Deadline]

We all love Sam Rockwell; he's a great addition to any cast and generally good for a few laughs. But he's also never far away from his next forgettable dark comedy, like the unfortunate Mr. Right which is out right now. Rockwell has agreed to star in Blue Iguana, a dark comedy about two outcasts who fall in love under strange circumstances. Directing this one will be Hadi Hajaig, who previously directed the 2012 spy thriller, Cleanskin.