First Trailer For That Other Mother's Day Movie, 'Mothers And Daughters'

Is one movie about Mother's Day simply not enough for you? Then rejoice, because Mothers and Daughters is here to fill your need for sappy films about motherhood. Enjoy!

This one was actually titled "Mother's Day" for a while but obviously that had to go because of Garry Marshall's film. Susan Sarandon, Selma Blair, Sharon Stone, Courteney Cox, Eva Amurri, Ashanti, Christina Ricci, and Mira Sorvino star in the film about, well, mothers and daughters. Hopefully nothing hits too close to home for Sarandon and Amurri, because that could be awkward. It's also kinda nice to see Blair back in a major film again, although it would be nicer if it were Hellboy 3. Oh well.

Directed by Paul Duddridge and Nigel Levy, Mothers and Daughters opens May 6th.