First Look At Jason Statham And Jessica Alba In 'The Mechanic: Resurrection'

While it gets a little difficult telling apart all of Jason Statham's solo beat 'em up flicks, one that definitely stood out was 2011's The Mechanic. The film was a remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson film, and it turned out to be pretty darn good, arguably Statham's best. But did it and the $62M it earned necessarily demand a sequel? Probably not, but we're getting one anyway and the first look at The Mechanic: Resurrection is here.

The image shows Statham alongside co-star Jessica Alba, who was not in the first film. Actually, there were practically no females in that one at all. The sequel is directed by Dennis Gansel (We are the Night) with Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh co-starring. Shot on location in Bangkok, the film finds Arthur Bishop called back into the business by someone from his past. Hired by some of the most dangerous men on the planet, he's tasked with completing an impossible list of assassinations.

The Mechanic: Resurrection opens August 26th.