Fans Are Now Outraged Over Image Of Elizabeth Banks As Rita Repulsa

A couple of months ago, a lot of people who never gave a crap about Power Rangers got upset when Elizabeth Banks was named to play its supposedly memorable villain, Rita Repulsa. Why? Because Repulsa, a fictional character who happens to be an extraterrestrial, was played by non-Caucasian actresses and obviously this is just another case of Hollywood white-washing. Hmm???  Anyway, those same people are now "outraged" at the first image of Banks as the character because, *gasp*, her costume is different.

The photo was revealed by People, and yeah, it's an updated costume for the painfully outdated Repulsa. Banks noted that it's a "modern and edgy re-imagining" of the old threads, and she's right, although that doesn't necessarily make them better. The costume isn't bad, it's just different, and super green like she should be a Captain Planet ally, or Viper from the Wolverine comics.

Seriously, is all of this love for Repulsa a real thing? Many of my friends are Power Rangers fans and they never said shit until others started whining about it. Hello! It's a reboot. Lots of things will be different, like the Power Rangers themselves who are, *double gasp*, played by actors that don't correspond to the ethnicity of their predecessors.

Directed by Dean Israelite, Power Rangers opens March 24th 2017, and most of these people complaining probably weren't going to see it anyway.