Doug Liman Confirmed To Direct 'Edge Of Tomorrow 2' As New Writers Come Aboard

Edge of Tomorrow turned out to be a difficult film for Warner Bros., at least domestically. They struggled to market the action flick, which starred Tom Cruise as a soldier caught in a Groundhog Day-esque timeloop in which he kept dying to alien invaders. In fact, they had such trouble that they practically hid the title for the home release. "And while it just barely cracked $100M stateside, internationally it fared much better, ending with $370M worldwide. That was enough to get work started on a sequel, and it looks like Cruise will be joined by a familiar face and a couple of new ones.

While earlier reports today suggested that Cruise's buddy Christopher McQuarrie would direct after co-writing the first film, that's actually not the case.McQuarrier hit Twitter and confirmed that Doug Liman will return to helm the flick, although he'll be involved with the screenplay that will be co-written by Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse, who last wrote the Jesse Owens biopic, Race

Much is made of the frequent pairing of Cruise and McQuarrie but the actor seems to be just as attached to Liman, who he is also working with on the sci-fi film, Mena.  Gauging when Edge of Tomorrow 2 could roll is tricky for a couple of reasons. For one, Cruise and McQuarrie will be busy on Mission: Impossible 6 this summer, and let's not forget that Warner Bros. is being more picky about what they green light. Chances are they'll give a thumbs up for this one, though.