Disney Is Making A Movie About Snow White's Sister, Rose Red

Disney wants you to know that no fairy tale is safe from being made into a live-action film, even ones you've seen an awful lot of already. In this case the story of Snow White has been seen plenty in with Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsman, and the latter's upcoming prequel, The Huntsman: Winter's War, and now Disney is developing a Snow White film that will be based on a character few know anything about, her sister Rose Red.

Disney is planning Rose Red which will have its most recent draft written by Evan Daugherty, who just happened to write Snow White and the Huntsman. What he's done is take a script from Justin Merz which was unconnected to the Snow White story, just as Rose Red's original appearance in the Brothers Grimm tale was, and make it fit into the story we all know. The film will find Rose Red teaming up with the seven dwarfs to save Snow White who has bitten into the poison apple and fallen under its spell.  Rose Red was a major character in Bill Willingham's amazing comic, Fables, which had been rumored to be getting its own movie at one point.

This one could still be a ways off as it needs a director, but given the success Disney has had digging into the fairy tale library they should have no problem finding one. [THR]