'Death Note' Moves To Netflix After Warner Bros. Dropped It

We may be seeing the first tangible proof that Warner Bros. has indeed decided to take fewer risks and focus on their biggest franchises. According to The Wrap, the studio has dropped their long-developing adaptation of the popular manga/anime, Death Note, with Netflix swooping in to pick it up.

Fortunately, the transition turned out to be a smooth one. Netflix gets a film that is already deep into development with Adam Wingard set as director, and a pair of stars in Nat Wolff and Margaret Qualley. Plus, this can be built into a live-action franchise for the streaming network, just as there have been multiple Death Note manga, anime series, and live-action movies in Japan. The story follows a brilliant high schooler who discovers a demon's notebook that kills anybody whose name is written into it. He sets out to use the notebook for good while a detective is hot on his trail.

This deal should be locked up soon, and hopefully not long after we'll start hearing about a start date.