'Deadpool 2' May Shoot This Fall, Ryan Reynolds Joins Rom-Com 'The Rosie Project'

After his career was kicked in the pants after Green Lantern's failure, Ryan Reynolds is experiencing a renaissance following Deadpool. I would add his terrific performance in The Voices along with that, but nobody saw that film so whatever. Anyway, he's now a sought-after commodity once more, and now he's being asked to help revitalize the troubled rom-com, The Rosie Project.

Richard Linklater and Jennifer Lawrence had been attached to the adaptation of Graeme Simsion's book about an awkward scientist who comes up with the formula for the perfect woman, only to meet a woman who challenges that notion. They both dropped out and now the project is in need of a female lead and director to go along with Reynolds and The Spectacular Now writers Michael H. Weber and Scott Neustadter.

Whatever happens with the film it will have to make way for Deadpool 2, which Heroic Hollywood says will shoot this fall now that Reynolds has inked a deal to return. Of course 20th Century Fox wants to follow-up on their $750M (!!!) hit ASAP as it's the highest grossing R-rated movie ever. Reynolds also has the sci-fi film, Life, that will see him star alongside Rebecca Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal.