David Lowery To Direct Live-Action 'Peter Pan' For Disney

When David Lowery was tapped by Disney to write and direct a live-action Pete's Dragon film, it was a move that didn't seem to make sense for anybody. Lowery's claim to fame had been the indie drama Ain't Them Bodies Saints, a mature film with Western undertones. However, it appears Disney is quite happy with what Lowery has done, because they're ready to work with him on another fairy tale remake.

Lowery and screenwriter Toby Halbrooks have been rehired to direct a live-action Peter Pan. Surely you don't need details on J.M. Barrie's novel about Neverland and the boy who wouldn't grow up, especially since it has been adapted numerous times, including an animated version by Disney in 1953. Maybe  this is Disney attempting to show Warner Bros. how to do it right after the failure of Joe Wright's Pan?  The story was even brought to the small screen recently in NBC's Peter Pan Live, but in that one Peter was played by Allison Williams. While many have a fondness for Steven Spielber's Hook, my personal favorite is the underrated 2003 film.

Lowery tweaked the Pete's Dragon story a little to suit his style, notably getting rid of the song and dance numbers. Don't be surprised if he puts his own spin on Peter Pan, as well. [Deadline]