David Ayer Calls 'Suicide Squad' Reshoot Rumors "Silly"

Reshoots happen all of the time, especially for major studio films. But considering the negative response to Zack Snyder's 'Batman v Superman', reports of reshoots on Suicide Squad have understandably become a topic of concern. While the early rumors suggested Warner Bros. wanted to punch up the humor in order to make the film more like Deadpool, others have said it was simply to add more action. And now director David Ayer has weighed into the discussion to back up the latter assertion.

To me the claims of making the film "lighter" didn't make much sense, considering all of the footage we've seen has suggested there will be plenty of jokes to go around. And if Ayer is right, and the studio actually wants to give him more money to make the film even bigger, then that's yet another reason to be excited, on top of the amazing cast and last night's trailer featuring Batman.

Suicide Squad opens August 5th.