*Update* 'Captain America: Civil War' May Tie-In To A Marvel Netflix Series

*UPDATE* Er, or perhaps not. ScreenCrush now says Woodard was cast in Captain America: Civil War long before she signed on to Luke Cage, and will not be playing Mariah Dillard. So no crossover. Oops! *

While we've seen Marvel's Netflix shows reference the big screen flicks on occasion, the movies have yet to do them the same solid. Well that could actually be about to change. Captain America: Civil War is set to premiere in Hollywood next week, and today Disney has revealed a couple of surprising additions to the cast, one with a connection to the Luke Cage series.

Jim Rash (The Way Way Back) and Alfre Woodard were included on the cast list and will be attending the event. While we don't know Rash's character, Woodard was recently cast as New York politician Mariah Dillard in Marvel's Luke Cage. It's always possible that she could be playing someone else in 'Civil War', that's not what Marvel usually allows for.

This would be the first time a Marvel movie mentioned a Netflix character, and could prove pretty significant in the long run. Could it be just the start of tighter cohesion between the MCU's TV and movie universes? Let's hope so.  Captain America: Civil War opens nationwide on May 6th.