Bret Easton Ellis To Make Directorial Debut With Cult Thriller 'The Deleted'

Polarizing author Bret Easton Ellis has been a fixture of the Hollywood scene so long that you forget he's never directed a movie before. Many of his novels have been adapted by others in the past, some which have become classics like Less Than Zero and American Psycho, and some less so like The Informers and The Rules of Attraction (which I love but most don't), but he's yet to get behind the camera himself. Well that's finally about to change, and unsurprisingly he's taking an unconventional approach.

THR reports that Ellis will direct The Deleted, based on his original screenplay about the disappearance of three people in Los Angeles which triggers paranoia in a group of 20-somethings who just escaped a cult. Ooookay. The project will be presented in a serialized format on the brand new Fullscreen streaming service and run you $4.99 a month.

Ellis recently wrote the provocative (and terrible) Lindsay Lohan comeback attempt, The Canyons, and the awful teen horror The Curse of Downers Grove. Hopefully this turns out better than those now that he's in full control. Look for The Deleted to arrive in early 2017. Meanwhile, Ellis' Twitter is always good for an entertaining read, so check him out.