Box Office: 'The Boss' Takes Charge With $23M; 'Batman v Superman' Nears $800M Globally

1. The Boss (review here)- $23.48M
Melissa McCarthy showed she has some superhero muscle herself as The Boss knocked 'Batman v Superman' off its perch with $23.48M. Assuming these numbers hold, this will mark her fifth straight $20M+ debut for a film she was headliner of, and with Ghostbusters coming in a few months she's likely to have another. This is despite the film getting killed with bad reviews, sitting at 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, a score so low it makes 'Batman v Superman' seem like Citizen Kane.
2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice- $23.43M/$296.6M
Unless there's a shift when the official numbers are released tomorrow, 'Batman v Superman' will have fallen into 2nd place in its 3rd weekend.  There's no denying how quickly the numbers are trending downward, but it's not unprecendted considering how gigantic that opening was. The good news is that worldwide it has accumulated $783M and still has a shot at $900M when all is said and done. Domestically, it has already bested the $291M of its predecessor, Man of Steel, which is what the goal generally is, right? To perform better with each film? By that measure then Warner Bros. probably isn't too unhappy, which may explain why they're putting added focus on DCU films now.
3. Zootopia- $14.3M/$296M
4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2- $6.4M/$46.7M
5. Hardcore Henry (review here)- $5M
What? You make a film like Hardcore Henry and target it only at guys who like first-person shooter video games, and it only opens with $5M? It's almost like the core audience is sitting at home playing video games or something....
6. Miracles from Heaven- $4.8M/$53.8M
7. God's Not Dead 2- $4M/$13.8M
8. The Divergent Series: Allegiant- $3.6M/$61.8M
9. 10 Cloverfield Lane- $3M/$67.9M
10. Eye In the Sky- $2.8M/$10.4M