Alden Ehrenreich Could Be The Next Han Solo

Ever since Alden Ehrenreich had his breakout role in Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro he's been pegged as a future star. However, he hasn't exactly taken the usual path to getting there. While he took a stab at a YA series with Beautiful Creatures, mostly the young actor has been busy working with auteurs such as Woody Allen, Park Chan-Wook, and the Coen Brothers in fairly unconventional films. But now he may have just landed the biggest part of his career as one of Hollywood's greatest characters.

Deadline says Ehrenreich has emerged as the frontrunner to play a young Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars spinoff directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. His name had emerged as a finalist along with Jack Reynor and Taron Egerton, but there was always the possibility of others being added to that list before a final decision was made. Few details about the film are available, of course, but you can count on Chewie being part of it.

Ehrenreich's a strong choice if this turns out to be true. In Tetro and Chan-Wook's Stoker he was called on to be very perceptive, while his hilarious turn in Hail, Caesar demanded the complete opposite. Both attributes would suit him well as Solo, but until Lucasfilm makes some kind of official announcement nothing is set in stone. The Han Solo spinoff is due to open on May 25th 2018.