‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Recap: “The Singularity”

Last week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. left us heartbroken as Daisy has gone to the “dark side” and is now under Hive’s influence.  This week centered on the team not wanting to give up on her and search for a cure to Hive’s infestation power.  Our heroes had to attack this on two fronts.  One was to try and get Daisy and other Inhumans to safety, and the other was to try and find a scientist who could possibly help develop a cure and stop Hive from infecting Inhumans.  Oh yeah, and Hydra is officially destroyed.

In the aftermath of Daisy’s betrayal, the team licks their wounds and tries to find a way out from being “buried.”  Last week it looked like everyone would need to be dug out, and a few agents would be dead.  Turns out Daisy mainly just ensured that they could not escape the headquarters and follow her.  After finding a way to squeeze through the collapsed roof, the team took off on their jets to try and stop Hive.  Lincoln is the only S.H.I.E.L.D. Inhuman that makes an appearance this week.  Hopefully, this doesn’t mean Jose and Yo-Yo didn’t die in the cave in but just decided to sit this one out.  Lincoln is adamant about joining them as they go out but Coulson is hesitant.  After all, if Hive gets near him, he can be taken over and then S.H.I.E.L.D. will have even more trouble.  Coulson agrees to have Lincoln join, but only if he wears a suicide vest (or murder vest) that May could trigger to blow him up if he becomes possessed.  Even with that risk, he goes on for the mission.  

The first person they want to rescue is Alisha, the Inhuman who can make multiple copies of herself.  S.H.I.E.L.D. figures she would be the perfect foot soldier for Hive since she can make numerous duplicates of herself and is very handy in a fight.  When Lincoln first meets her, he has to play the guessing game to see if she has been infected by Hive, which of course she is.  After a pair of Alishas fight May and Lincoln (who goes a little overboard in the fight almost killing one of them), the duplicate kills the other one, and Coulson shoots the second.  It’s revealed that the “real” Alisha was with Hive and while sad at first at the pain of losing one of her duplicates, becomes unfazed.  Turns out Hive infects the pleasure centers of the brain for Inhumans.  

Hive and Daisy return to James, the former Afterlife inhabitant who was kicked out in search of a missing piece of the Kree orb he gave them last week.  Daisy gives him one of the Terrigen crystals which activated his Inhuman power.  James has the ability to supercharge objects he touches until they explode.  After Hive places him under his control, James shows him where the missing piece is, which Hive reveals is the only thing that can stop him, and it’s now under his control.  Coulson and May arrive at James home later, only to barely survive a bomb placed in his house.  Turns out Coulson has a laser shield embedded in his robotic hand… how cool!

Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons, our favorite couple go on a separate mission undercover with Mack in search of Dr. Radcliffe, a geneticist who specializes in “transhuman” activities.  Dr. Radcliffe may be able to help them find a way to stop Hive.  Of course now that Fitz and Simmons are back on, and it looks like they are for good (for now), they discuss (off com) about taking their relationship to the next level.  Being scientists, they speak in scientific lingo likening sex to “crossing the event horizon.” They are gonna have sex!!  When finally summoned by the mysterious Dr. Radcliffe, they first pass his test and then attempt to recruit him to help them stop Hive.  Unfortunately, Daisy and James reach there as well.  After Daisy attacks Fitz and uses her quake powers to strangle him where he issues a warning to not come after her and to let her go.  Daisy is lost to the team now.  James keeps Mack busy until their fight is called at a draw.  James and Daisy escape with Dr. Radcliffe.

Over at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, Coulson has a heart to heart with May as they discuss Daisy.  Coulson admits what we all knew anyway, he sees her as his daughter even though May reminds him he’s not her father.  For him, getting her back is personal.  As they are having this discussion, agents across the world are taking down the last remnants of Hydra.  Thanks to the intelligence Gideon Malick’s gave S.H.I.E.L.D. last week, we are finally rid of Hydra.  This should be Coulson’s crowning achievement, but he’s just sad that he’s lost Daisy.  

Back at the hotel, Fitz and Simmons finally rendezvous.  Now that they are safe and in each other’s hands, you know what time it is!  After two long seasons of will they/will they not, Fitz and Simmons finally consummate their relationship, and in scientific terms, create a “singularity.”

It’s a shame that Daisy has completely turned to the dark side, and we would like to say that it’s Hive’s programming, but as they reveal this episode, she is still of sound mind, especially when she speaks to Fitz.  She thought she had a family with S.H.I.E.L.D., but she might just want to stay with Hive.  That doesn’t mean that they won’t stop trying to save their friend.

James’s power was a rip off of X-Men’s Gambit, it had to be said.  It was funny that his running joke was to try and come up with a superhero name to go along with his newfound powers.  

Hive’s used some of Malick’s money to buy a whole town, which means he is going to populate it with more Inhumans.  Now that he also has Dr. Radcliffe, he can even experiment on normal humans to find a way to give them powers and further exert his influence over them for his master plan.  Next week looks like The Kree will also be getting involved.  Will they be on Hive’s side, or perhaps does S.H.I.E.L.D. have an ally?  Time will tell.