Adam Sandler And David Spade Fake Their Deaths In 'The Do-Over' Red Band Trailer

Part of the beauty of Adam Sandler's exclusive deal with Netflix is that it's easier than ever to avoid the crappy, broad comedies he likes to indulge in with his buddies.  While nobody is forced to go to the theater to endure a Sandler flick, commercials for them are usually everywhere. But not so on Netflix. Were there any for The Ridiculous 6? Not really. And chances are you haven't seen any for Sandler's next terrible-looking film for the streaming network, The Do-Over, and it arrives next month.

A new red band trailer is out now and it's just as terrible as the first. Sandler stars alongside David Spade (check please!) about a pair of boring best buds who decide to fake their own deaths. Why? So they can then go ahead and lead the adventurous life they always imagined.  Sandler getting paid to hang out with his pals again? You betcha.

The Do-Over hits Netflix on May 27th.