What Bad Reviews? 'Batman V Superman' Poised For $170M+ Debut

Buck up, Sad Affleck, things aren't so bad. Sure, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting a batarang up the poop chute from critics, but audiences seem to like it well enough. The film has a 'B' Cinemascore and 73% from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. Oh, and it may just be the highest-grossing film in Warner Bros. history. There's that.

The superhero showdown scored an epic $82M on Friday, the biggest pre-summer debut ever, and is poised for $170M for the weekend, another record-breaker that would beat The Hunger Games' $152M. Forbes  suggests the total could go as high as $185M. This number includes the $27.7M in Thursday previews, the most ever for Easter weekend. If the trends hold it will surpass the final Harry Potter film's $169.2M as Warner Bros.' top opening weekend of all-time. Sorry,Christopher Nolan fans, but it also means besting the openings of The Dark Knight ($158.4M) and The Dark Knight Rises ($160.9). Of course, nothing's official until Monday and we'll see how it all shakes out.

They love Superman and Batman all around the world, as well, with the film earning $115M internationally over three days. Put it all together and that's $197M worldwide as of right now, with a lot more to come. So while the reviews may make Batman want to hide his face in his cape, the audience is speaking with their money and that's all that will matter in the long run. What was that about superhero fatigue? Oh yeah, it doesn't exist.