'The Intouchables' Remake May Star Bryan Cranston And Kevin Hart

French comedy The Intouchables wasn't just a hit the world over, France actually voted it the "cultural event" of 2011, which is a pretty big feat for a movie.  An American remake has been in the works ever since, Harvey Weinstein has yet to find the right duo to fill the odd couple pairing. Chris Tucker, Jamie Foxx, and most recently Kevin Hart were set to join Colin Firth for a while, with Paul Feig and Tom Shadyac attached to direct at various stages. Well now it looks like Hart is still on board, but a new co-star to join him has been found.

According to Deadline, Bryan Cranston has entered talks along with Hart to star in The Intouchables, which still does not have a director. Talks with someone to helm the film are underway but that's all we know at this point. The original film centered on a quadriplegic aristocrat who finds new meaning in life after hiring a man from the projects to be his caregiver. A big reason for the original film's success was the remarkable chemistry between stars Fran├žois Cluzet and Omar Sy, with the latter going on to become a big star over here as a result. Hart has shown an ability to gel with just anybody he works with so there's every reason to think he can do the same with Cranston.

So this one could still be a ways off, but at least Feig's script is still in play. That's at least a start for a film that has been in the works so long its started to feel outdated.