'Suicide Squad' Undergoing Reshoots To Lighten The Tone?

With its cast of baddies and a couple of offbeat trailers, Suicide Squad has looked like a much lighter DCU film than 'Batman v Superman' turned out to be. But is it possible that's not totally accurate? To be clear, the footage we've seen, set to the tones of "Bohemian Rhapsody" for maximum quirkiness, have been around since last Comic-Con, yet it appears they aren't fully indicative of the movie's actual tone.

According to Birth Movies Death and Heroic Hollywood, reshoots are taking place right now to make Suicide Squad funnier and lighter, because  "Every joke in the movie is in that trailer." D'oh. And Warner Bros. is dumping in a lot of cash, reportedly "tens of millions of dollars" to make it happen, perhaps realizing some of the negative press for 'Batman v Superman' has been that it was way too grim, or as Kevin Smith recently called it, "joyless".

Here's the thing; reshoots are normal. What isn't normal is trying to turn a movie from one thing into another, especially this close to release. Fantastic Four underwent a ton of reshoots and the result was a disjointed mass of incompatible tones. Let's hope that same fate doesn't befall Suicide Squad, which opens on August 5th.