Robin Wright Joins 'Blade Runner 2' Alongside Harrison Ford And Ryan Gosling

Has Robin Wright suddenly found a new appreciation for blockbuster studio flicks? Suddenly they seem to be very much in play for the House of Cards star, who is set to appear alongside Gal Gadot in the upcoming Wonder Woman film (get a first glimpse here).  And now as Denis Villenueve gears up for his Blade Runner sequel, Wright has decided to join the cast. 

According to Variety, Wright is in talks for a "key" role in the untitled sequel to Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi film, joining stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. While there aren't much in the way of details, including what Wright's part will be, the story takes place decades after the conclusion of the original which was set in 2019 Los Angeles. It's possible Wright could be playing a replicant rather than a human character.

Filming on Blade Runner 2 begins in July for release on January 12th 2018.