Review: 'Legends of Tomorrow'; Season 1; Episode 8: "Night of the Hawk"

This week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow was probably unique of all the episodes so far. This week’s episode was set in the 1950’s. You don’t have to be a historian to know that this period in history was defined by segregation and racism. So how would the Legends fit in this world since their group has diverse members? The show did acknowledge the issues that minorities were dealing with at that time but on the surface level. From one perspective I guess this writer felt it was better to play it safe by focusing more on the surreal element of the show.  It’s hard enough watching the news and hearing about all the racial issues that are still occurring in our country. The last thing the fans would want to watch is dialogue racial issues on their favorite show. There were moments in the show that lack authenticity in context of the time period our heroes were in. For example, the diner scene with Jax being confronted by the other teenagers went over two easy.  I understand it’s a comic book show, but why include a scene like that if you’re not going to execute the action and the consequences to reflect the time period. Overall this was another solid episode.

Vandal Savage gives another entertaining performance! The way he blends in to each time period effortlessly is uncanny. I love how he offered a casserole to Ray and Kendra. I was trying to figure out when does this man have time to cook? That scene felt like an opening to a sketch on Robot Chicken. The scenes with Vandal and Kendra were great as well. Although, how did Kendra expect to kill Savage at her skill level? Moving forward, I hope the writers explain how Vandal continues to return after being killed in a variety of ways. This man has been pushed out of window, exploded and does not have a scar to show for it. The meteor that was found by Vandal Savage left me with more questions. Does he want the rock to create more bird soldier or does he use it remain immortal?

Jax’s transformation into the alien bird beast was cool. Seeing him and the other transformed victims added a nice horror element to the show. Sara Lance’s scenes with the nurse were touching. It’s nice to see that Sara is getting in touch with her feelings and evolve from just being a killer. Leonard is still dealing with his actions towards Heat Wave. The team is trying to figure out where Snart is mentally which adds great tension in the group scenes. The way the episode ended was stellar! Chrono’s attacks the ship and manages to get on to attack members of the team. In the process of trying to escape they leave Ray, Kendra, and Sara behind.  We have to wait two weeks to find out what happens but I anticipate more member of the Time council making an appearance to take down Rip and his crew.  I am definitely looking forward to next week’s show.