Review: 'Legends of Tomorrow', Season 1, Episode 7: "Marooned"

This week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow said goodbye to another character on the show and hello to the beginning of a new romance.  The bromance that was Captain Cold and Heat Wave looks to be over. I was not expecting the show to go this direction. These characters work well together in this universe. Since their debut on the Flash, they have truly been nothing short than amazing. It appeared as if nothing could separate these two. Then they get recruited on a time traveling mission where things began to go south.

For the past three weeks we’ve seen Heat Wave become discontent with being on the mission with Rip. Last week’s episode was the first time Heat Wave appeared to be happy because he was in a future version of Star City that was in chaos and ran by criminals. However, Captain Cold forced him back on the ship.  This week’s episode picks up with the two characters in contention with each other. Heat wave is still mad at Captain Cold. Captain Cold feels remorse for what he did to his friend but he is also starting to embrace his new mission. Heat Wave on the other hand just wants to go back to his old life. So when Rip and the team was captured by time pirates, it makes sense for Heat Wave to make a deal with the pirates so that he can be free of Captain Cold’s control. Heat Wave really owned this episode. I love his response to Rip when downplayed his role on the team. His fight with White Canary was brutal and intense. The best scene for me was the last scene when Captain Cold has his “final” conversation with Heat Wave before he kills him. As is the case with comic book television shows, I am almost certain Heat Wave is not dead. In fact I predict Vandal Savage will somehow recruit Heat Wave.

This episode had it share fun moments. Dr. Stein was living out his space ranger dream while attempting to free his friends from the space pirates.  Rip piloting his ship while talking to Ray over the video interface was a great moment as well. I’m not completely sold on the romance between Hawk Girl and Atom. Especially since Hawk Girl claimed that her life was too complex to be in a relationship. The only good thing I see happening from this is a potential love triangle if they bring Hawk Man back. This week was another great episode  and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next week.