Review: 'Emelie' Starring Sarah Bolger

I was surprised at how much fun I had watching  Emelie.  Emelie is set in a middle class neighborhood that  seems safe for families. The  family in the film live what most would consider a normal life. The parents intend to break from the norm to celebrate their anniversary which means they have to hire a babysitter.The baby sitter  seems like an ideal person for the job  but you realize quickly that something is off with her.  Even though the plot is simple, I was not bored nor did I lose interest in the movie.  Watching Emelie reminded of films that came out in the late 80’s, early 90’s.  There were elements that reminded me of the original 1987 thriller, Stepfather. Both films use everyday scenarios  or character to invoke terror on unsuspecting victims. 

I love the child actors in this film because they probably have the hardest job in this film. They have to make the audience buy into the danger without it becoming campy.  Direcor Michael Thelin was able to get a performance from the kids that wasn’t contrived but felt honest.  Jacob (Joshua Rush) is the pubescent eldest child who has to wise up and look out for his siblings, Sally (Carly Adams) and Christopher (Thomas Bair).  

Then there’s the babysitter, who was cuckoo!  From the moment you see Emelie (Sarah Bolger) on the screen you know that something is wrong with her.  Even when she was trying to be nice or warm, I knew was crazy. While I won’t give away everything she does in the movie, there is one scene where Jacob meets Emilie’s “Aunt  Flo” in the bathroom that is disturbing. I thought the motivation for Emelie terrorizing this family was unique. She has a experienced a horrible loss and that moment has created the monster she has become. In her mind she believes that what she is doing is the only way to make things right. 

There are moments in the film that I thought could’ve been written better. The ending felt rushed and  implausible but it wasn’t so bad that I could not appreciate the film overall.  If you’re looking for a decent   thriller , then checkout  Emelie.

Rating: 3 out of 5