Paul Feig May Direct Gay Wedding Rom-Com, 'Groom'

A few years ago Ghostbusters and Bridesmaids director Paul Feig caused a minor uproar when he talked about a potential same-sex rom-com starring Channing Tatum and SNL's John Milhiser. Turns out fans really wanted to see Tatum do it, but it turns he was just Feig's "wishlist" choice for the film, which hasn't really been heard from since. Now it seems to have been revived, if The Tracking Board's latest story proves accurate.

The site reports that Feig is on board to direct Groom for 20th Century Fox, and it's a romantic comedy centered around a gay wedding. Tricia McAlpin (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) wrote the most recent script, with Feig producing, as well. While it's possible details have changed, the plot was said to be about an average guy in a relationship with  People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.

So we'll see if any of this is on point or not. It's possible these are two completely separate projects, but they sound close enough for there to be some overlap.