Noah Baumbach Shooting New Film With Ben Stiller, Emma Thompson, Adam Sandler, And Dustin Hoffman

While J.J. Abrams gets props for being so darn secretive about everything, Noah Baumbach is pretty good at it, too. He shot Mistress America and Frances Ha pretty much without telling anybody about it, and now he's gone ahead and done it again. According to The Film Stage, Baumbach has quietly begun production on Yen Din Ka Kissa (which means The Story of the Day in Hindi), which will reunite him with Greenberg and While We're Young star, Ben Stiller.

Also starring in the film are Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler, and possibly Grace Van Patten, an interesting mix to say the least. The story apparently centers on an estranged New York family coming together in preparation of artist & patriarch Harold’s career retrospective.”  Thompson opened up a little about it in USA Today, saying her character is a "dreadful, passive-aggressive alcoholic". They also refer to the title as The Meyerowitz Stories, which sounds like a much easier sell. 

This one seems pretty fresh, so expect more details to arrive at some point; probably not from Baumbach, though! It's clear he wants to keep this one firmly under wraps until closer to release.