Nicolas Cage And Elijah Wood Are Bad Cops In Trailer For 'The Trust'

Nicolas Cage has played more than his fair share of idiots, and definitely more than a few cops. But has he ever tried to play both at the same time? He'll get his chance in The Trust, an idiot cop movie that will see him cross paths with Jerry Lewis, which has the potential to shake the comedy foundations to their core.

Cage stars alongside Elijah Wood as a pair of bumbling, unappreciated Las Vegas police officers working in the evidence room who embark on a get-rich-quick scheme that goes awry. Here's the synopsis:

A dramatic comedy about Waters and Stone, two nobody police officers who work in the evidence room of the Las Vegas Police Department. When Stone discovers an unusually high bail receipt in connection to a drug bust, the two friends set in motion a plan to find the source of the money.

This actually looks like it could be a lot of fun. Cage is comfortable playing these kinds of goofy characters, while Wood has been well-practiced at it himself, lately.

Directed by Alex and Benjamin Brewer, The Trust premieres at SXSW then hits DirecTV on April 14th, followed by a VOD/theatrical run on May 13th.