New 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer Aims For The Kiddies

While Captain America: Civil War does have Marvel's mightiest heroes engaged in battle with one another over stuff they could probably settle over the phone, parents won't have to worry it will be too violent for the kiddies. And to make that point clear, Marvel introduced a new version of the trailer released last week, only this one has been cut exclusively for the Kids Choice Awards, featuring brief glimpses at footage we haven't seen yet.

The big news coming out of the first trailer was, of course, the debut of Spider-Man (Tom Holland) as he webbed up and snatched away Cap's vaunted shield. But there are other extremely cool moments to be found here, not the least of which is Hawkeye firing an Ant-Man tipped arrow, a moment which has to have fans of the Avengers comics panting with excitement.  As we know, this will be Marvel's longest film yet and by the looks of it, also its most serious with themes that may go over the heads of younger audiences who are just there for the colorful costumes and super powers.

Captain America: Civil War opens May 6th. [THR]