Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' Casts Emily Browning As Laura Moon

One of the cool things about Neil Gaiman's books is that they all have a wide array of memorable characters, which makes casting on their adaptations interesting. Starz's adaptation of American Gods is no different, and so far the modern mythology series has been perfectly cast with Ian McShane and Ricky Whittle as Mr. Wednesday and Shadow Moon. The casting just got even better with the addition of Emily Browning.

The Sucker Punch and God Help the Girl (in which she's terrific, by the way) star joins American Gods  in the role of Laura Moon, Shadow's wife "who has been preparing for her husband’s pending prison release. Little does she know that she will go on an unexpected journey that leads her to an epiphany about her relationship and affords her a second chance to get things right."  Gaiman's book takes place as a war brews between the old gods and the new, with Shadow caught in the middle.

Gaiman heaped praise on the casting of Browning, saying "I’ve been fascinated by Emily Browning since ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’. She has a challenge ahead of her: Laura is a tricky character, and the Laura on the screen is even trickier and more dangerous than the one on the page. She’s going to have a wonderful time bringing Laura to life.”