Matthias Schoenaerts And Thomas Vinterberg Reunite For Submarine Film, 'Kursk'

Last year Matthias Schoenaerts and director Thomas Vinterberg teamed up for Far from the Madding Crowd, a period drama well-acted and well-shot all around. It was a union that just clicked (Which is why I loved it so much), and it appears the duo also recognized it because they're working together once again.

Schoenaerts is set to star in Kursk, which Vinterberg will direct based on a script by Robert Rodat Saving Private Ryan writer, Robert Rodat.  Robert Moore's book, "A Time To Die: The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy", serves as the basis for the true story of the titular submarine and its crew who fought to survive when the sub sank in the Barents Sea in 2000.

Submarine movies all tend to play out the same way; same tensions, same character types, and so forth, but it will be interesting to see if Vinterberg and Schoenaerts can come up with something a little different. Production is set to begin this fall. [Deadline]