Magical New Trailer For Duncan Jones' 'Warcraft'

Duncan Jones' Warcraft finally hits theaters this summer, and heaped upon it is the hope that video game movies will be redeemed after decades of being a laughingstock. Unfortuantely, the response to the film has been mixed ever since footage debuted at Comic-Con last year, ironically because the heavy CGI special effects make it look too much like a game you can play att home. But there's still time to change the perception, and a new trailer has been revealed that will attempt to do just that.

The latest international trailer features more magic than we've seen up to this point, adding a crucial element to the epic fantasty world beyond swords and arrows. Does the film still look a lot like Lord of the Rings? Absolutely, but it does seem to be carving out its own identity with this footage, which has a more colorful array of characters and clans, not to mention a blend of different genres. The trick is remaining true to the game's loyal audience of millions while attracting those who may not have ever heard of it.

Warcraft hits theaters on June 10th.