'Kingsman 2' Official Title And Concept Art Revealed

2015 was the year of the espionage film, and we saw many different approaches to the genre. There was the typical James Bond version with Spectre, a comedic take with Spy, The Man from UNCLE brought a little bit of vintage style, and then there was Kingsman: The Secret Service, which was like all of those films rolled into one. And it was arguably the greatest success of them all, warranting a sequel that we now have an official title for, along with some concept images.

Empire [via CBM] chatted with director Matthew Vaughn who revealed the sequel is officially titled, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. As previous reported, the story will find Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and weaponeer Merlin (Mark Strong) headed stateside where they encounter an American version of the Kingsman known as The Statesman. They will be led by a "swaggering, sharpshooting cowboy" in a role that has yet to be cast, or at least hasn't been announced yet. On the other hand we do know that Julianne Moore will be playing the villain, and a look at her evil headquarters can be found in some new concept art for the film.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens June 16th 2017.