Jonah Hill To Finally Make Directorial Debut With 'Mid 90s'

You might read that headline and think, "Hey, wasn't Jonah Hill supposed to have directed something already"? Good memory! Yes he was; a few years ago he all set to direct genre mash-up Kitchen Sink (now Freaks of Nature) but those duties ultimately fell to Robbie Pickering. But now Hill is finally ready to step behind the camera on a project that sounds more interesting, anyway.

Hill write direct and write the screenplay for coming-of-age film, Mid 90s, which centers on a group of California teens dealing with life during the era. Hill won't have a role in the film but would anyone be shocked if he calls on a few pals to fill some roles?  He's already got some powerhouses backing him in uber-producer Scott Rudin and indie label A24.

No word on when filming could begin, and with Hill's always busy schedule it could be anytime. [TheWrap]