Jonah Hill And Miles Teller Are Bumbling Arms Dealers In The 'War Dogs' Trailer

Anyone who saw how Todd Phillips' The Hangover trilogy grew darker could tell the filmmaker was itching to embrace edgier material. He toyed with director the Mark Wahlberg-led remake of The Gambler, but instead settled on the true crime story, War Dogs (formerly Arms and the Dudes), which stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller as bumbling arms dealers.

With the arrival of the first trailer we're getting a look at what Phillips would do with the harsher material, and the tone is a little bit awkward just as The Hangover 3 was. Teller and Hill play two Miami buds who took advantage of a government program that allowed small businesses to bid on major military contracts. While they quickly start raking in the cash as weapons dealers, they get mixed up in some shady business after landing a $300M deal to arm Afghan fighters.

Judging by this it resembles Michael Bay's Pain & Gain, mixing outlandish comedy with darker material. Usually those are not only tough to pull off, but very tough to market. War Dogs hits theaters on August 19th.