Joe Wright In Talks To Direct Winston Churchill Drama, 'Darkest Hour'

Joe Wright may still be licking his wounds from the drubbing Pan took; it was such a flop that it reportedly cost him another high-profile gig, but the director is about ready to move forward. According to Deadline, Wright is in talks to direct WWII drama Darkest Hour, which centers on a critical moment for Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Penned by Anthony McCarten, who previously wrote The Theory of Everything, the film follows Churchill as he struggles with a dark hour for Britain as the threat of Nazi invasion loomed. At that moment he was forced to decide whether to strike a deal with Hitler or stand firm against the Third Reich.

This already has "awards season" written all over it, and whoever lands the role of Churchill will be seen as an instant contender. And certainly this fits more into the smaller, dramatic realm which has always been Wright's strength, not CGI spectacles. Keep an eye on this one as production is expected to begin in July.