Is Marvel Planning a Captain Britain TV Series Next?

If there's a 'Captain' in front of your name, chances are you're up for a movie or TV series from Marvel. There's Captain America, Captain Marvel, and now there's the possibility that U.K. hero Captain Britain could be getting a television show, if comments by poster artist Ciara McAvoy are to be believed.

McAvoy tweeted this image a few days ago, asking who would play the character while displaying a mock-up of his iconic costume...

McAvoy didn't delve into details, but she made sure to repeat that this wasn't some prank, but a legit thing. Of course...we are edging closer and closer to April Fool's Day, aren't we?

Captain Britain is an interesting character with a unique place in the Marvel universe, one that wouldn't fit into the grim 'n gritty world of Netflix's TV shows. He debuted in 1976 in the pages of "Captain Britain Weekly", as Captain America's counterpart from across the pond. He was born Brian Braddock, part of the aristocratic Braddock clan that also includes his sister, the X-Man known as Psylocke (played by Olivia Munn in Fox's X-Men movies). After a near-death experience, he's visited by the magician Merlyn (yes THAT one) and his daughter Roma, who offer him a choice:  the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. He chooses the amulet and is granted superhuman, speed, strength, and flight as the hero, Captain Britain. His powers have been altered so many times over the years that it's tough to keep track. He's been a member of the Secret Avengers but is most closely associated as the leader of Excalibur, the X-Men's British offshoot.  He also leads the omniversal police force known as the Captain Britain Corps.

So if any of this is real, where would the series land? Again, Netflix doesn't seem like a natural fit, especially since they apparently had some issues figuring out how to make Iron Fist's mystical aspects work. ABC could be in the picture, but don't leave out Disney or one of their many other networks.

But something tells me McAvoy is pulling our legs somehow. Marvel would never allow just some cover artist, great as she may be, to spill the beans on a major project. And that they haven't forced her to take down her tweets tells me there's no substance to her claims. We shall see, but the prospect of Captain Britain on the small screen in an intriguing one.