In The Trump Era, Dinesh D'Souza's 'Hillary's America' Trailer Says Democrats Are Real Racists

If you don't marinate in politics you may not know the name Dinesh D'Souza. He's the insane right-wing wacko whose fevered "I hate all liberals" documentaries Obama's America and America: Imagine the World Without Her were huge hits, bolstered by a conservative media echo chamber that breathlessly promoted them. He's like the right-wing version of Michael Moore...if Moore were a complete liar and a convicted felon. That's right, D'Souza is a felon, and when he's not making cinematic hit pieces he's busy claiming it was all a plot by the Obama Administration. It's like he thinks all Democrats are Frank Underwood from House of Cards, murdering people in the back of parked cars and plotting the overthrow of the country.

D'Souza's latest film is Hillary's America, which...why this MUST be a coincidence, arrives when Hillary Clinton is the Presidential frontrunner for the Democrats. The trailer for it has arrived and it's every bit as insane as the rest, the only difference is that he seems to be simultaneously on some kind of treasure hunt, with the prize some kind of proof the Democrats are trying to steal away America as we know it; and trying to prove once again that he's really innocent of all charges.

“What if the goal of the Democratic Party is to steal the most valuable thing the world has ever produced? What if their plan is to steal America?”

Just based on this footage it's clear D'Souza is either ignorant of the past or banking on his followers to be morons when it comes to political history, especially when he starts talking about Democrats and slavery.  Was Abraham Lincoln a Republican? Absolutely. Would Lincoln be a Republican today? Or any time in the last 50 years since the "Southern Strategy"? Not on your damned life.  I'm sorry, whose Presidential frontrunner is supported by (and frequently retweets) white supremacists, tells his supporters to beat up black people, calls all Mexicans rapists and criminals, and wants all Muslims kept out of the country?

And all of those scenes with him behind bars are about as real as an episode of Oz. In fact, in one scene he's shown talking with an inmate who happens to be professional wrestler, Hernandez, who was NOT behind bars and definitely not alongside D'Souza. Yeah, they're obviously reenactments, but come on dude. And what the heck is with that ending! With Clinton addressing millions in some kind of despotic future realm!? Is that what he really thinks is happening? Dude, I can't wait for this movie. It's going to be off the fucking meat rack awesome in its insanity.

Basically, the film is about D'Souza proving that he was the victim of some kind of conspiracy, because he's super important and stuff. Leave it to a narcissist like D'Souza to make a film called Hillary's America all about himself.

For some reason I've never been approved for a screener of any D'Souza movies. I'm not counting on it happening this time, either. The film is expected to open in select theaters on July 25th.