Here's When You Can Get The 'Batman v Superman' R-Rated "Ultimate Cut"

Having Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fatigue yet? Count me in on that, but with the film earning $420M over the weekend and seemingly on its way to at least twice that (rumored to be what it needs to be profitable), there will be weeks and months of analysis on what worked and what didn't. However it ultimately performs at the box office, Warner Bros. can count on raking in millions more dollars when the R-rated "Ultimate Cut" hits Blu-Ray, and now we know when it will be on store shelves.

According to Forbes, 'Batman v Superman' will be available on July 16th in whatever format you want. That should be a nice boost for Warner Bros. leading in to Suicide Squad, which opens just a few weeks later. As for what to expect from the "Ultimate Cut", Snyder has promised a longer sequence in North Africa featuring a major character from Superman's history, plus those scenes with Jena Malone that were totally removed from the theatrical version.

You can pre-order Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice right now! And if you really want to go balls out for it, check out the Amazon Exclusive which comes with an awesome statue of the Dark Knight himself! Or this one featuring Superman!