First Trailer For 'Genius' Starring Colin Firth, Jude Law, And Nicole Kidman

What does it take to be a renowned book editor? The answer to that question probably doesn't sound like the kind of thing that entertaining movies are made of, but when a film like Genius comes along and it stars Colin Firth and Jude Law as celebrated editor Maxwell Perkins and famed author Thomas Wolfe, there's reason to at least be interested.

The first trailer for Genius has been released, and it looks like it should be Oscar-worthy fare. The film centers on the complicated personal and working relationship between Perkins and Wolfe as they try to remain friends while dealing with one another's respective egos. Nicole Kidman plays costume designer Aline Bernstein who was in a tumultuous relationship with Wolfe, Laura Linney is Perkins' playwright wife, while Guy Pearce and Dominic West are F. Scott Fitzgerland Ernest Hemingway, respectively.

So a phenomenal cast all around, but collaborations between Firth and Kidman have proven disappointing recently (The Railway Man, Before I go to Sleep), and the June 10th release date doesn't inspire confidence. That said, the trailer is solid and the cast too good to ignore, so I'm hoping for the best.