Donald Trump's Hateful Rhetoric Fuels The New 'Desierto' Trailer

"Words are as dangerous as bullets", those words (presented in Spanish) close out the new trailer for Jonas Cuaron's directorial debut, Desierto, a thriller set on the Mexico/U.S. border. Geared towards Latino audiences, the trailer makes its case about the impact of dangerous words by using Donald Trump's comments about the U.S. becoming a "dumping ground" for Mexico's problems, and where they send their "rapists" and drug dealers. It's a provocative tactic, one that's sure to piss off a large swath of conservatives, but when you think about the plethora of looney things Trump has said the real surprise is that someone hasn't done this already.

Starring Gael Garcia Bernal, the film is a desert thriller centering on illegal immigrants trying to cross into the U.S. who are pursued by a crazed vigilante (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Negan on The Walking Dead) seemingly fueled by nativist rhetoric just like Trump's.  It's a powerful piece of footage, especially as Trump seems to be narrating the violent deaths of people just hoping for a better life in America.

And as you might expect, this has caused a freak out in the right wing blogosphere. Just check out the nasty comments after the piece by Breitbart. The natives are fucking restless.

Desierto hits theaters later this year, but it opens in Mexico on April 15th.