DC's 'Lobo' Film Revived With 'Wonder Woman' Writer

One of the first speculations we made following the R-rated success of Deadpool was that other, similar properties would suddenly find new life. One of those was Lobo, a once-popular DC Universe character Warner Bros. has been trying to launch a film on for years. And now with their Justice League lineup in place and 'Batman v Superman' right around the corner, Lobo appears to finally be moving forward with a new writer who is familiar with the DCU.

According to TheWrap, Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs has been hired to pen a Lobo script. At one time it looked as if Dwayne Johnson and his San Andreas director Brad Peyton would reunite on the project, but as Warner Bros. formulated their new superhero plans that idea was nixed. Johnson has since moved on to be part of their upcoming Shazam film (which still has no date, director, or anything) while Peyton is set to re-team with the actor on San Andreas 2. It's possible that Peyton is no longer involved at all as Fuchs' screenplay will start from ground zero.

Lobo is basically like a combination of Wolverine and Deadpool. Created in 1984, Lobo is a wise-cracking, badass intergalactic bounty hunter whose indestructibility has allowed him to battle many of DC's toughest heroes and villains.  Depending on the writer his stories have either been wildly comedic (he fought and defeated Santa Claus at one point) or extremely violent and gritty. He became insanely popular in the '90s and writers began portraying him as an antihero rather than a villain. Chances are that's the route Warner Bros. will take with the character but we'll have to see.