'Crystal Skull' Writer David Koepp Will Also Script 'Indiana Jones 5'

A look at that headline and you're probably already worried about the prospects of Indiana Jones 5, which is confirmed to bring back Harrison Ford and franchise director, Steven Spielberg.  Opinions on the film are already divided, with some happy to see it continue in its original form, and others wishing Disney would leave well enough alone. That was never going to happen, obviously; there's too much money in these movies for that, but the side that thinks this is a mistake have another reason to be concerned with the hiring of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull writer, David Koepp.

While it's true that Koepp wrote the despised fourth film which saw Shia LaBeouf swinging through trees like a chimp and Indy encountering aliens (!!!), it's important to remember something about all of that. The story was a George Lucas creation and, let's be honest, he had been phoning shit in for years by that point. And second, Koepp was part of a veritable army of writers who took a hack at that script, so he can hardly be blamed for everything. This time he'll be working on his own and, presumably, without any input from Lucas.

So buck up, things could be worse.  It could LaBeouf wielding the whip this time, right? Indiana Jones 5 arrives on July 19th 2019.