Bradley Cooper To Star In Max Landis' Sci-Fi Film, 'Deeper'

Max Landis has already established himself as a prolific screenwriter, but let's keep it real; he hasn't done anything good since Chronicle. And 2015 turned out to be a disaster with American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein, two films that took A-list casts and did nothing with them. And now Landis has yet another movie on the way with one of the biggest actors in Hollywood: Bradley Cooper.

Cooper is set to headline sci-fi thriller, Deeper, from a screenplay by Landis. At the helm will be Hungarian filmmaker Kornel Mundruczo, who last directed the acclaimed canine rebellion thriller, White Godwhich you should definitely check out right now.  Deeper has Cooper playing former astronaut Eddie Breen, who experiences mysterious forces while exploring a newly-discovered oceanic trench that may be the deepest point on the planet. 

Landis describes the film as "Birdman + The Shining + Locke + 2001 + The Descent + Miyazaki", which I'm sure he thinks sounds great but it really seems like a fucking a mess.  Pick something and go with it, man. [TheWrap]