Box Office: 'Zootopia', '10 Cloverfield Lane' Score Big While 'The Brothers Grimsby' Flops

1. Zootopia- $50M/$142.6M
Everybody's talking about Disney's Zootopia right now, and that has translated to a stellar $50M second weekend and only a 33% drop. Combined with the incredible $288M its doing overseas, the animated animal comedy has $431M worldwide and has only been out for 10 days.
2. 10 Cloverfield Lane (review here)- $25.2M
There are a couple of reasons to be really excited about what J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot have just pulled off with horror 10 Cloverfield Lane. The 25M opening weekend is definitely strong, the best for a horror so far this year, but realize that marketing for the film only began about two months ago, coming completely out of nowhere ahead of theatrical screenings. What's more, the film had been operating as a completely different project, but Bad Robot saw the potential in affiliating it, however loosely, to their hit 2008 monster flick, Cloverfield. This kind of move isn't unprecedented but is rarely successful, and now we're looking at what could be the continuation of a top horror franchise, with talk of a third film already taking place.
3. Deadpool- $10.8M/$328M
4. London has Fallen- $10.6M/$38.8M
5. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot- $4.6M/$14.5M
6. The Perfect Match- $4.1M
Even for films geared towards the urban audience, The Perfect Match is flying way under the radar and its $4.1M performance is in line with that.  The romantic comedy stars Terrence J, Laura London, Paula Patton, and others who tend to be supporting players in larger comedy ensembles, and has a director in Billy Woodruff, known for directing Beauty Shop, which may explain why that film's star Queen Latifah is on board as a producer.
7. The Young Messiah- $3.4M
Next to debut this weekend was the faith-based drama The Young Messiah, which is about Jesus when he was young and trying to get his shit together.  With $3.4M and an $18M budget this one's pretty low on the Christian movie scale compared to all of the others that have been doing big business lately.
8. The Brothers Grimsby (review here)- $3.1M
Ouch. Sacha Baron Cohen's latest m-assterpiece is the spy comedy, The Brothers Grimsby, and it's flopped hard. The film actually wasn't that bad, or at least I laughed more than I probably should have, but the reviews were generally awful. Cohen stars alongside the reliably committed Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson, and Isla Fisher in a film that veers away from his shocking public spectacles, which are what draw people to his movies. This one was a straight-forward narrative comedy with Cohen's grotesque sense of humor tacked on. Apparently the promise of seeing an elephant orgy was not enough to lure in audiences. Funny that.
9. Gods of Egypt- $2.5M/$27.3M
10. Risen- $2.2M/$32.3M