Blake Lively Is Shark Bait In First Trailer For 'The Shallows'

Ambitiously described as Gravity meets Jaws and 127 Hours, Jaume Collet-Serra's shark thriller The Shallows (formerly In the Deep) comes with some lofty expectations. You can't invoke Steven Spielberg's watery classic and then come with weak sauce, but it's tough to make a scary movie about sharks nowadays, especially with so many lousy Sharknado flicks out there. Now the first trailer for The Shallows has arrived in an attempt to make the oceans scary once more.

Blake Lively tries not to be shark food in the film about a surfer who is attacked by a great white not far from shore, and must confront it to get back to safety. The synopsis literally calls it "Jaws for a new generation" which seems premature at the very least, but Lively is definitely more fun to look at than Roy Scheider, so there's that. 

The Shallows opens June 24th.