Ben Affleck's Really Sad About Those 'Batman v Superman' Reviews, Ya'll

In case you missed it, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting killed out there. It's getting slaughtered worse than when Booster Gold tried to stand up to Doomsday. At least by us critics, anyway, as the film's Rotten Tomatoes score has plummeted to 29% (I was one of the few positive reviews), while audiences feel the total opposite with 73%. That divide is likely to continue for pretty much anything directed by Zack Snyder, so he and Warner Bros. should know what to expect when Justice League arrives next year.

The one thing most seem to agree on, though? Ben Affleck's performance as Batman, with many proclaiming him one of the better Bruce Waynes seen on the big screen. And yet, that's cold comfort to the actor who looks positively ashen when the film's bad reviews comes up in an interview alongside Henry Cavill. And a Youtube user seized on Affleck's glum demeanor and made a hilarious video out of it. Poor guy...

On the plus side, if he ever does direct a solo Batman movie the critics will probably be much nicer to him than they are to Snyder.