Amazon Orders 'The Tick' Pilot, First Castmembers Revealed

Ben Edlund's comic book The Tick has already had two cracks at TV series', one a cult favorite animated series in the '90s, and a brief live-action verson in 2001. And while neither of those lasted very long, its TV prospects have proven as invulnerable as the titular hero himself. Amazon Studios and Sony are giving it one more shot, ordering a pilot for a reboot of The Tick, a couple of years after the first rumors began to surface.

There are going to be some significant changes, though, starting right at the top with previous star, Patrick Warburton. The square-jawed actor will only be on to exec-produce, with a new actor to play the clueless hero. While the Tick still needs to be cast, his moth-costumed sidekick Arthur will be played by Griffin Newman (HBO's Vinyl) while Arthur's sister Dot will be portrayed by Valorie Curry (The Following).  This could be a darker take on the Tick, too, as he'll be suffering from memory loss while Arthur is considered a schizophrenic for running around the city claiming it's being overtaken by evil.

Transcendence director Wally Pfister is in talk to helm the pilot episode, with Endlund writing the script and producing. Can we get a "Spoon!!!" for the return of The Tick? [Deadline]