‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Recap: “Parting Shot”

It’s hard to remember that even though everything in the Marvel Universe centers on aliens and superpowers, that S.H.I.E.L.D is in fact, a spy organization.  Tonight’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was all about espionage and the politics that goes along with it.  Last week's episode ended with our second-best couple Bobbi and Hunter stuck in the belly of an airplane headed towards Russia to discover the connection between HYDRA leader Malik and the Russian delegate in regards to how they wanted to deal with the Inhuman threat.  The latest episode shows what transpires while they are in Russia.

Although the rest of the agents join them, most of the episode focused on Bobbi and Hunter.  We go through the usual time shifts as well.  The episode begins with Bobbi and Hunter in custody, with periodic flashbacks to their mission all the way to its dreadful conclusion.

As shown last week, Hunter is growing weary of being an agent.  In fact, he and Bobbi reflect on the fact that they actually don’t spend time with each other besides on missions.  Bobbi doesn’t seem to realize that fact until they are deep in discussion.  He was weary before, now even she is being swayed to leave the team.

Not only does the group need to discover what the deal is with the possibility of a “safe haven” for Inhumans being set up in Russia, but they also need to find out what politicking is going on within the Russian government.  They soon find out that one of the Russian generals and in fact, an Inhuman, and Malik is trying to facilitate a coup against the Russian prime minister, who isn’t completely on board with Malik’s plan.  The Russian general has a unique Inhuman power, he has the ability to control his shadow, which does the assassinating for him.  After all, how can you defeat a shadow?  Even Daisy/Skye can’t use her quake powers on it because nothing can physically stop it.  When the group tries to protect the prime minister, their efforts are in vain.  Finally, Bobbi makes the sacrifice and shoots the Russian General, which causes the shadow to disappear.

Here’s where the politics get involved.  S.H.I.E.L.D. is still seen as a “terrorist organization” and if they were still seen as “active” and doing missions overseas, and if said mission ended up with dead Russian soldiers, it would further erode the United States and Russian relations.  So the President takes a trip to try and smooth things over with the Prime Minister (who is very ungrateful for them saving his life), who has the political high road.  Meanwhile, Agent Coulson already has a backup plan to break Bobbi and Hunter out of the gulag, but the two agreed to cease being agents to save the agency’s reputation.  It’s a sacrifice they are willing to take that sacrifice so that not only can S.H.I.E.L.D be safe, but they can get out and be together.  The Prime Minister reluctantly releases them as thanks for saving his life, and the team is distraught that the two are leaving.  

As Bobbi and Hunter are at a bar together, each of the agents are in separate corners of the bar incognito.  They each order shots for Bobbi and Hunter and each gives their nonverbal tearful goodbyes to the two while raising a glass as they all toast to their friends newfound freedom.

While not really an action-packed show this had the right amount of emotion.  We got to say goodbye to two fan-favorite characters, who will ultimately get their happy ending…. Or will they?  It’s common knowledge that ABC has greenlit the pilot a new spin-off show that centers around Bobbi and Hunter called Most Wanted, so it’s safe to assume that the two will continue their adventures, just not with S.H.I.E.L.D., and that’s fine.  They have not been with the show since the beginning, and even though they are worthy additions to the show, they work well together.  Bobbi always felt like May, and we already have one “Calvary” on the show.  She will do better on her own.  Hunter continued to have his Han Solo charm throughout the series.  How awesome was his fake name “Amadeus Ravenclaw Hunter” when interviewing with the Russian soldiers?  He and Bobbi will continue to have adventures together, even if the new show doesn’t get picked up, their adventures could continue in a comic book series spin-off.  It’ll be interesting to see how their departure affects the rest of the group.  Even though Coulson was pragmatic about their departure, you can tell he was quite upset about losing them.  Mack and Bobbi were exceptionally close and his goodbye was the most tear-inducing.  He will need some time to get used to his buddy not being around.  Farewell Bobbi and Hunter, you will be missed!